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What Do Our Customers Say

  • Emma Messine

    Although Postpony is pretty user-friendly, none of us in the team is IT guru. As a small business to sell kid toys, sometimes we can't fix the problem we met.When we click the live chat button,we can always get someone from Postpony to help immediately.They are very patient and helpful.

  • Jack Woods

    I use Postpony platform for my Ebay store for over 8 months. Before Postpony, I was literally printing postage from the USPS, copy and pasting addresses one by one. Postpony has always been an easy and reliable platform with cheaper rates,it definitely well worth a try.

  • Jennifer Murphy

    It's a great product that makes it easy to ship single and bulk orders for our online business. We like the ease of editing orders, we like that it verifies addresses and connects to our hardware, and we like its API integration which is very handy for ecommerce platform like us.