Account Related Questions

How It Works?

  • 1.What do I get in the Special Offer?

    You automatically receive $5 coupon after first purchase.

  • 2. How much is Postpony.com service?

    No subscription ,no hidden cost. no any additional fees.

  • 3. How do I cancel my account?

    There are no contracts to sign with Postpony.com so you are free to leave anytime. Simply contact with our online service. We’ll help you close your account.

  • 4. Do I need a credit card to sign up?

    No way! We know no one likes to provide a credit card when signing up for a new service.

    We value our customer’s need to get comfortable before providing any kind of financial information.

  • 5. Do I have to have an USPS/FedEx Account ?


  • 6. Are there any monthly fees?

    Absolutely not! We are completely free, and unlike our competitors, we will never charge you for anything but the postage itself. You should never feel pressured to ship just to justify the monthly fee.Postpony will always remain free; that is our promise!

  • 7. USPS Unallowable Refunds

    a.Delayed Priority Mail Express International items.

    b.When the item contained prohibited matter.

    c.When the item has been seized or confiscated by customs or any other government agency of the destination country.

    d.Delivery was attempted but could not be made.

    e.The delivery address or postal code was incomplete or inaccurate.

    f.The item was detained or delayed by customs or any other government or law enforcement agency of the destination country.

    g.The item had to be forwarded to another address.

    h.Delay resulted from any defect or characteristic due to the nature of the shipment, even if known to USPS at acceptance.

    i.The item was delayed by any circumstance beyond the control of USPS and the foreign postal administration, acts of God, force majeure, terrorist activities, strikes, labor actions, war, insurrection, or civil disobedience.

    j.The item was held by customs at origin or destination for more than 24 hours. If the item was held by customs for less than 24 hours, the guarantee may be adjusted to account for the delay by customs.

    k.The item was not deposited at a designated USPS mail facility.

    l.The size and weight of the package does not fit for the actual size and weight.

    m.The description of the package is too simple or not clear.

    n.Other reasons caused by personal reasons.

    Any other question please check this link:http://pe.usps.com/text/imm/immc9_toc.htm 

  • 8. What payment methods do you guys accept?

    We accept VISA, MasterCard ,PayPal and Alipay.

  • 9. What if I need a postage refund?

    Getting a postage refund is very easy! Once logged in, you can submit your refund request. Since the refund comes from USPS, it can take anywhere between 2-4 days. The refunded postage will be added to your balance in Postpony.com account

  • 10. What kind of fees does postpony.com charge? 

    As your forwarding agent, we only charge the standard shipping fee. However, you are responsible for any fees incurred by your shipment, including but not limited to: oversize charge, remote area charge, customs duties and taxes, etc. For FedEx, we will charge you an estimated fee calculated based on the information you provide. We will adjust the payment after we get the final bill from FedEx, once your packages are delivered. For USPS, the fee you pay is final. Make sure you provide us with an accurate weight, or it may get returned by USPS. In worse cases, there will be a fine issued by the USPS.

  • 11. Can I declare another value on my items in order to lower Import/Export Duties and Taxes?

    In all circumstances, the member represents and certifies that any value provided to the carriers is true and accurate. You are solely responsible for subsequent results caused by an inaccurate declared value.

  • 12. Does shipping rates include Import/Export Duties and Taxes? 

    We charge the estimated shipping fee according to the information you provide to us, which does not include duties and taxes. You are supposed to pay the adjusted shipping rate (adjusted based on the actual billing from the carriers) and any duties and taxes incurred by your shipment.

  • 13. How is the shipping fee determined? And what is "DIM weight"?

    Shipping cost is determined by the greater of the actual weight or the dimensional weight (Dim Weight or Volumetric Weight). Actual Weight is the weight of the package when put on a scale. . Dimensional Weight is based on the size of the package. Large items that have a small Actual Weight, like pillows and lamp shades, will have a larger Dimensional Weight. Generally, the DIM weight is calculated as follows (in pounds):

    International: DIM weight = (Length X Height X Width) /139

    Domestic:      DIM weight = (Length X Height X Width) /166

    The carriers might change their calculating method. We will adjust to the change accordingly.

  • 14. Why do you request verification of identity, and what are the acceptable documents for account verification?

    For security reasons, we need to make sure that each user is a real person who is responsible for all his/her activities while using our service.

    Acceptable identification includes:

    1) Valid driver's license or state issued identification card;  

    2) Armed forces, government, university, or recognized corporate identification card;

    3) Passport, alien registration card or certificate of naturalization;

    4) Current lease, mortgage or Deed of Trust; 

    5) Voter or vehicle registration card;  

    6) A home or vehicle insurance policy;

    7) Bank/credit/debit card statement;

    8) Utility Bill.

  • 1. What’s the Postpony?

    Postpony is the partner of USPS, and authorized at 2015 . We are focusing on providing the best postage service for Individual , SOHO and enterprises without any subscriptions. Enjoy the amazing discount for postage ,but also makes your shipment much more easier .

  • 2. How do you guys offer such low prices for international shipping?

    We’ve been in business with USPS for many years and have a very huge contract for the best international rates available.

  • 3. What about domestic shipping?

    We absolutely offer domestic shipping as well. Even though we specialize in international shipping, our domestic prices are set at less than commercial plus for everyone.

  • 4. Do I need to purchase any special equipment?

    Nope. All you need is your computer and a printer and Postpony.com.

  • 5. What mail classes are available in Postpony.com?

    You can print all USPS and Fedex mail classes in Postpony.com .

  • 6. Does postage from Postpony.com cost more than postage from the Post Office?

    No, it actually costs much less. At Postpony.com we don’t mark-up the postage you print. In fact, with our special USPS discounts, our postage is much cheaper than what you pay at the Post Office. Plus you can mail as much as you want. There’s no limit. Postpony.com is the same low price whether you send one letter or one million.

  • 7. Can more than one person use my account?

    Yes, you can have multiple people access your Postpony.com account.

  • 8. Does Postpony.com work on Macs?

    Yes sure Mac users can also use the web-based version https://www.postpony.com and we plan to develop client-end program too later.

  • 9. I work in a company with multiple locations. Can Postpony.com work for us?

    Definitely! There is not limitation for the locations. No matter you are individual ,SOHO or Enterprise .

  • 10. Can Postpony.com help me track my postage spending?

    Yes. With Postpony.com you can track your mailing and shipping spending one by one .

  • 11. Do you officially work with the USPS?

    Yep! Please know that only authorized business can resell USPS services.

  • 12. I just want USPS to pick up my packages, can I do that?

    Of course,simply schedule a pick-up and a USPS truck will come to get your packages.

  • 13. Can I reprint labels if something goes wrong with the initial printing?

    Unconditionally yes. You are not limited with reprints – have no worries that if you need to reprint a label you can easily do so under the “Parcel History” button. Simply select the label you need to reprint and that’s it.

  • 14. Can I hide postage price from showing to customers?

    Yes, you can print USPS postage without showing the price.

  • 15. Do you keep a record of every package?

    Yes, as mentioned earlier you can go to “Ship History” and find everything you need through various search methods available.

  • 16. What happens if a package weighs more than is stated when requesting rates?

    The repercussions vary by carrier and are as follows: USPS: That's considered short pay and your account will be billed for the difference. FedEx: FedEx doesn't bill until the package is scanned and weighed. Once weighed the weight (plus fees) will be added to your account.

  • 17. Can I import my orders from Ebay, Amazon and other data sources?

    Postpony.com supports you to import your orders from Microsoft Excel. Connections with your data source can be established in under 5 minutes. It couldn’t be easier. Simply click, connect and ship.

  • 18. Why is it easier to ship internationally with Postpony.com?

    Postpony.com makes international shipping easy by offering all international USPS mail classes. Customs Forms are integrated into Postpony.com, automatically selecting the correct USPS form option and including delivery address, product description and item quantity. Additionally, product restrictions are shown for each country and we automatically include the date, your name and an “electronic round stamp” on the Customs Form — so no Post Office visit is required. Just hand the international package to your daily mail carrier and your package is on its way!

  • 19. How do I get information on your API?

    Contact with our online service or email to service@postpony.com for application .

  • 20. What is the general procedure for using the service provided by postpony.com?

    Step 1: Sign up and provide us with the necessary information, and activate your account by clicking the link we send to your registered email.

    Step 2: We review and verify your account based on the information and identification you upload. If you have a reference, please provide his/her name when signing up. A reference can be a current user, or a postpony.com staff member.

    Step 3: Once your account is verified, you will have full access to our service.

  • 21. How do I track my shipment? 

    You will get a tracking number provided by the carrier you select as soon as you finish printing your label.

    You can track the status of your shipment through the carriers' website or their apps.